Elevators and Escalators : Head to Head

Both elevators and Escalators are two of the Modern Marvels that have felicitated commuting inside buildings way easier for us. Both the engineering enigmas help us replace stairs and reduces our physical strain. Especially in tall building with offices or different departments on different floors, shopping malls and corporate houses, they are of amazing help to employees and civilians. However, there are distinct differences and benefits the one hold over the other check the following out:
 •  Escalators are necessary “moving stairs” that carrying public up or down between levels of a building. But elevator is a room type lift which hold few number of people at one time and transport people up and down between levels of building.
 •  Elevators are used in multi storied buildings such as offices, apartments, banks, hospitals, etc. But escalator are used in malls, metro and railway station, etc.
 •  Elevators are closed cabins abut Escalators are moving stairs.
 •  Escalator consists of a motor driven chain on a individual track which cycle on a pair of tracks. An elevator is a type of vertical transportation that moves people or goods between levels of a building. It powered by electric motor that are attach traction cable and counterweight system just like a cylindrical piston.
 •  Elevator can carry only 10 to 15 people at one time. But escalator can carry more than 20 people at once
 •  Escalators are energy guzzlers as they have to operate continuously, whereas elevators consume electricity only when in operation.
 •  Escalator does not require a specific machine room to control the system of escalator. But elevator require a specific machine room to control the elevator.
 •  Patients, luggage, etc can’t travel in escalator but can travel in Elevator.

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