Tips to Keep an Escalator operating properly

Tips to Keep an Escalator Operating Properly

If your place of business has an escalator, you may find that it is an easy thing to forget about. It is easy to assume that they just keep running without much care, but this is not the case. Escalators, like elevators, take constant care to keep them running properly, and those that give their escalators constant care find that they need to do less maintenance on them. Here are some tips to keep your escalator in working condition and likely extend the overall life of the escalator.

Only Have Escalators Running If They Are Needed

Escalators do not need to be running all the time. Make sure the escalators are being turned off when the place of operation is closed because there is no reason to leave them running. Also, if you have multiple escalators, you may be able to turn one of them off when it is not peak business hours. Rotate which escalator is being turned off if possible to avoid overusing a single escalator.

Keep Your Escalator Free of Debris

Keeping your escalator free of debris can make sure that there is not an extra strain on the escalator, which means it will require less maintenance. Clean your escalator regularly to make sure that there is no debris creating extra strain on the mechanics of our escalator. You can also post signs near the escalator that will help people be more aware of how to keep the escalator debris free. Signs can say things like “Please hold bags on the escalator” to “Please put lids on your drinks before riding the escalator.” Bags getting caught in the escalator ruins the bag, while putting a strain on the escalator and spilled drinks add extra muck on the escalator, which also puts a strain on it, so these things would both help keep your escalator free of debris.

Do Regular Checkups on Escalators

Often, businesses get escalator inspections a couple times a year. This keeps escalators running properly most of the time, but regular visual checks are also important. Visually check your escalator frequently to make sure that there is no oil pooling around the base or unwanted noise that indicates unwanted tension. Either of these can signify a larger problem and you should call an escalator professional to come and take a look at it.
 Caption For IG : Escalators are a brilliant creation, fast, safe and super efficient. While they silently keep working and transporting people from one floor to another, we often tend to forget about them. Breakdowns or non functionality in them are also common. Head over to our bio to know how to take care of these efficient buddies of ours.

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  1. I agree with you that the commercial owners must turn off their escalators when it’s not the peak of the business hours. You’re also right about the importance of cleaning it regularly so any debris that may damage its mechanic will be avoided. Well, if I were them, I’ll make sure to invest in a UV-C sanitizing pen because this will eliminate all the unwanted germs and bacteria in the escalator’s handle.

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