Residential Elevators : Types and Wherebouts

Whether you are an elderly person interested in maintaining your independence in your own home, a homeowner with limited mobility, or a homeowner interested in adding convenience and value to your property, your life would be so much simpler with a home lift or personal elevator. Small home elevators allow you to enjoy the ease and convenience of avoiding the stairs whenever you choose! Home elevators for sale come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs and fit within your home. Nationwide Lifts is proud to offer the best lifts for homes, and we're also proud of our expertise in helping people choose the right residential (home) elevators for their needs. With the right house elevator, you'll be able to maintain a safe, independent lifestyle longer and without the risk or inconvenience of hauling heavy loads from floor to floor. Explore the variety of home elevators for sale here and find out everything you need to know before purchasing one for your house.
When a family member has difficulty with mobility, special equipment may be necessary, and a home elevator system is often chief among these needs. Nationwide Lifts offers a variety of residential elevators to suit any house. Elevator styles include hydraulic, traditional cable, shaft-less, glass, or even pneumatic models. Platform lifts are also available to move a wheelchair from one floor to another. We even have dumbwaiters to enable you to transport items between floors of your home. Imagine the convenience of being able to transport heavy items such as laundry, groceries, or luggage via a dumbwaiter instead of carrying them up flights of stairs!
Types of Residential Elevators:


Traditional cable or hydraulic elevators are certainly good options for those who need a residential elevator. These elevators offer quiet operation and a smooth ride. We have a number of finishes available, and many homeowners find exactly what they want with these traditional elevators.
Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lift elevators are made to assist those with disabilities. They take up less space than a traditional elevator and may be more affordable. There are several models to choose from depending on what vertical travel distance must be accommodated.

Dumbwaiters are very compact and save a lot of space. They're an efficient solution for those who need to move small objects from floor to floor. Kitchens and libraries often install dumbwaiters to move dishes and books.
Cable Drum

A cable drum machinery system takes up the least amount of space and includes an emergency battery-powered lowering system. Cable drum elevators are the quietest models in the industry.

These piston-powered elevators deliver a smooth ride and gentle descent. They can be adapted for many different designs and are suitable for many different kinds of low-rise buildings.

Pneumatic elevators are a sleek and eye-catching addition to a home. Pneumatic elevators are one of the safest and most reliable types on the market.
Screw Drive

Screw-drive systems are typically used in wheelchair lifts. They are slow-moving, but they are economical and save space, as they don't require the use of a machine room.

These beautiful elevators are chosen for their looks. A glass elevator is elegant and unobtrusive in the home, or it can be used to showcase beautiful views in high-rise buildings and waterfront properties. A glass elevator also fits ideally into upscale homes. Riding in a round polycarbonate-paneled cab, occupants of glass elevators have a full view of their surroundings while they move up or down in the home.

A machine-room-less elevator saves space and tends to be more affordable. These versatile elevators come in a variety of different models and sizes. Our Freedom Green models are also designed for energy-efficiency. The walls are made with recycled wood, they don't use hazardous hydraulic oil, and they use 50% less energy than conventional elevators.

These elevators can only travel between two levels, but they are a great choice for residential use because they don't take up much space. They don't require machine rooms or hoistways. The cost is often low with this type of installation due to the minimal site preparation involved

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